ZEP MOUNTAIN CONSULTANCY is formed from the industries top-tier coaches, bringing a wealth of experience and training to any assignment. Our team are dedicated, passionate professionals with proven results and reputation to ensure we bring maximum value to your project.




ZEP Instructor Paul HowardPaul started his mountain biking passion in the early 90’s and started teaching mountain biking in 1998, in Australia. Originally from the UK, he has continually developed his trade to become one of the industries most highly skilled and respected instructors. As a professional snowboard and mountain bike instructor, Paul has trained, mentored and certified countless coaches, instructors and guides from all over the world.

2019 marks the 20th year of Paul teaching mountain biking and snowboarding, professionally!

After developing multiple mountain bike teaching and instructor training programs, Paul has pioneered his experience and knowledge into the industries most sought after and respected mtb instructor certifications, and is Co-founder, President and Technical Director of the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA). The PMBIA today is the global standard for mountain bike instructor certifications.

Paul’s background in Snowboard Coaching is similar in it’s depth and diversity. From coaching junior Boardercross athletes, to training instructors as a top tier CASI Examiner, teaching Gap Programs, working as Whistler’s Head Snowboard Trainer for many years, and even representing Canada at Interski 2015, there’s not a lot Paul hasn’t experienced. That being said, every season his passion and drive continues as his philosophy of “you can always learn” keeps him pushing to develop his knowledge, skills and abilities, further.

Paul heads up the ZEP Team, taking care of program design, staff training and coaches many of the ZEP camps and programs throughout the season. Riders and coaches from all over the world visit Whistler every year, specifically to ride and learn from Paul.

  • ZEP Founder, Owner & Head Coach
  • PMBIA Co-Founder, President & Technical Director
  • PMBIA Master Course Conductor
  • Crankworx Garbanzo Masters top 20
  • Crankworx Aline Master 6th
  • Wilderness First Responder 80hr, since 1999
  • CASI National Evaluator Training Team Member
  • Canadian Interski Team Member 2015
  • CASI Technical Committee Member 2014 - 2017
  • CASI Level 4 Instructor
  • CASI Level 4 Evaluator
  • CASI Park & CASI Race Instructor
  • Whistler Blackcomb Head Snowboard Trainer 2009 - 2017
  • B.Sc. Genetics (U.C.L), Upper Second
  • Principle Author of the PMBIA Reference Guide
  • Author and Creator of the popular Pinkbike ZEP Mythbuster Articles




ZEP Instructor Ross DunlopRoss is our most senior coach and a local mentor for many bikers and boarders; everyone wants to ride with Ross! He’s been a mountain biker since childhood and local trail builder, actively involved in the community. Along with his experience as one of snowboarding’s elite level coaches working with prospective Olympians in the “off season”, Ross brings a riding skill and personality to ZEP that sees our clients request his services, year after year. Modest, humble and crazy good at any sport he chooses to do, Ross exemplifies ZEP’s values of being the best, without the ego.

Ross plays a key role as the ZEP Racing Program Director, overseeing the ZEP Racing Youth Development Programs, Coach Training, Long Term Coaching Plans and logistics. Ross also coaches a lot of the ZEP MTB CAMPs and has many returning ZEP Private clients, each year.

  • ZEP Coach 10 years
  • PMBIA Level 3 Skills Coach
  • PMBIA Course Conductor & Tech Team Member
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • EWS Whistler, Amateurs, 2014 - 6th (first ever Enduro race!)
  • Regular Phat Wednesdays Competitor - top 10 finisher
  • CASI Level 4 Instructor
  • CASI Park & Level 1 Course Conductor
  • World Cup Boardercross Coach for Reign Snowboarding
  • Assistant coach/serviceman for the Canadian national team 2019/20
  • Wax Tech and Support Coach for US Boardercoss Team
  • Past Whistler Blackcomb Snowboard School Trainer
  • Neil Edgeworth Banked Slalom, Amateurs, 2015 - 1st (ahead of pro times)
  • 2018 Neil Edgeworth banked slalom Pro division winner
  • B.A Marketing




ZEP Instructor Charles Renaud-RoyCharles (Chuck) is our friendly French-Canadian with a distinguished background as a server in the restaurant business for over ten years. His personality and customer service skills have translated into Chuck becoming a great coach, along with his long history in with bikes and passing the highest level fo certification in mountain biking, the PMBIA Level 3.

Chuck lives to ride his bike, help others do the same and is another active member of the Whistler MTB community. He coaches on all of the ZEP programs, including ZEP WORCA Enduro Team. Our clients are always pumped after a day riding with Chuck. His modesty and good nature provides a perfect platform to coach all the riders and racers that Chuck works with. If you’re keen on becoming an instructor, Chuck also teaches PMBIA Level 1 courses!

  • ZEP Coach 5+ years
  • PMBIA Course Conductor
  • PMBI Level 3 Skills Coach
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Tourism Management & Development Diploma
  • Crankworx EWS Volunteer
  • Regular Phat Wednesdays Competitor
  • Regular WORCA Toonie Competitor
  • Fun “Chuck” Fact: Chuck likes to make sourdough bread - if you’re nice, he might bake you a loaf.




ZEP Instructor Jake BolingHaving coached for the Whistler Bike Park and Snowschool for many years, ZEP is excited to have Jake with his experience and skills, on our team. Jake’s experience in the snowboard industry as a CASI Level 4, has made him a great mountain bike instructor & coach. With an easy going nature and friendly personality, our clients love riding with Jake, progressing their skills in a fun, safe, non-intimidating environment.

During his time at ZEP, Jake has solidified his position with many private request clients, year on year, and has had great success as a PMBIA Course Conductor, training many coaches in the industry. Jake’s coaching style and easy-going nature make him a firm favourite for students everywhere.

  • ZEP Coach 5+ years
  • PMBIA Course Conductor
  • PMBIA Level 2 Instructor
  • PMBIA Level 3 Teach Component only
  • Whistler Bike Park Coach 4 years
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Whistler Blackcomb Snowboard School Trainer
  • CASI Level 4
  • CASI Course Conductor
  • Fun “Jake” Fact: Jake’s now a proud dad!




ZEP Instructor Dave WeeksDave has been riding bikes pretty seriously since he was a wee lad, with regular trips to the alps in his teenage years. Biking has always been a passion and big part of Dave’s life. He joined the MTB club at university and entered his first race at the Uni Championships. Realizing he still had a lot to learn, Dave’s interest in the sport continued to grow.

Following graduation, Dave made the pilgrimage to Whistler and six months later he had moved here permanently! He’s been coaching with Whistler Bike Park and the esteemed Summer Gravity Camps for multiple seasons and worked his way up to becoming a staff training for the Whistler Bike Park School.

Dave’s riding skills are incredible and his open mindedness and ability to learn quickly, has made him a very skilled and adaptable coach. Dave heads up our ZEP GROM FREERACERS Team and excels at developing the young riders, throughout each season. At weekends, Dave is also a Course Conductor for the PMBIA.

  • ZEP Coach for 4+ years
  • PMBIA Course Conductor
  • PMBIA Level 3 Skills Coach
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • CSIA Level 2 Instructor
  • Regular Crankworx Competitor
  • Regular Phat Wednesdays Competitor
  • Fun “Dave” Fact: Dave loves to snowboard in the winter